Friday, 24 July 2009

Government by perception

Last night on Question Time the question of MPs holidays was raised, namely, 'why are such a bunch of thieving wasters getting 3 months holidays' - that's not me speaking that was the tone of the discussion.

The politicians protested that just because they weren't in parliament doesn't mean to say they are not working, indeed they are in their constituencies doing stuff, kissing babies and wotnot.

Anyway, an audience member said the point is how it looks seems as if they get long holidays.

Well actually that's not the point, no. Surely, policymaking and the like should be based on the facts of the matter not what people think is the case.

Clive James on the panel said we are verging on dangerous populism on the whole matter with the media thinking they run the country.

On swine flu another audience member said something about reading a proper newspaper for proper information.

Chris Dillow has a weighty discussion of 'preferences' in politics here.

Well, if we think of the newspaper reading habits of the public and we have government by perception, imagine that!


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