Monday, 24 November 2008

Pre-Budget Report

I think you'll find that for people on a REALLY low income the cut in VAT helps. It may not go fully towards the scale of the challenge people on fixed low incomes face in trying to survive in a time of rising costs but at this level every penny counts.

Also welcome is the 60 quid one-off payment for disabled children. But please make it in the early part of January before my son turns 18! Wouldn't it be horrible to miss out on it by a few days.

I'm blogging wearing a fleece, thermal walking socks and wrapped in a blanket. The fear of turning the heating on isn't just for pensioners.


Guess who?

I know it looks like one of those Alison Jackson celebrity photos but be assured this was the authentic one.


Saturday, 15 November 2008


Actually, I have a Child in Need, technically speaking. And I donated ten quid, so what's your excuse?!

Donate now, here.

Must confess that I had a glass of wine during the evening while doing and thinking about other stuff (been in very important meeting today about the future of services for disabled children in our area) so that the number to ring to donate was actually double everything. 03457 33 22 33


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What a PANSI

Have much to say about international events such as the US elections and the International Financial Crisis in the UK (IFCUK). Which is what I really want to be doing.

However, as ever, caring tasks and the 'meetings' I am involved in have prevented me from posting it. Hopefully, at some point, when it is not totally irrelevant, I will be able to comment, as the IFCUK is not going to go away, ANyTime Soon (ANTS).

So much for the government's intention that I should, as a carer, whose contribution is acknowledged/respected/valued, be able to have an ordinary (blogging?) life (almost oblong) etc etc though they (the govt) have made clear I must wait 'til 2018 for this, or something, by which times having an ordinary life will be an absurdity as I will be in some kind of recovery process myself from the trauma, yes trauma, of being a life-long carer (toll).

There is a school of thought (soot) that in this process of 'involving carers' in the achieving of ordinariness (achoo) we must do away with all that jargon and acrynomiousness in local govt official-speak (logoffs) in order to make it 'more accessible' (mass).

But I have to say, that for my own entertainment, I have begun, in this rather serious environment I have been forced into, to make a mental note of some of the more amusing acronyms I have come across and am well considering a Campaign to save Amusing Acronyms (CAMPAS) like PANSI.


Friday, 7 November 2008

W. .....the f...?

as expecting something insightful but have to say first impressions (and this is a pun hinting at a more in-depth review which I do not have time to write at the moment) are that this movie was a bit thin.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Election night

Bloggers blogged live on telly...

pundits pund... (University of Virginia’s Professor Larry Sabato was good)

Dimbleby dimbled..

and Obama won.


Ohio, O bye-o!

2.11am HRH David Dimbleby says Ohio for Obama has not been verified by BBC yet so ....I'm definitely off to bed now.

O just a minute Simon Schama and John Bolton/Boulton relative of Adam?


Colour confusion

Is it just me or does anyone find this colour symbolism reversal of the respective parties in the US and UK, confusing?

2.05am Anyway Georgia defo for McCain but Ohio for Obama ....signifcant.

Must go to bed.


Is it safe to go to bed yet?

1.40am I have to get up early in the morning and be a responsible carer to my son, duty-bound to carry out a number of caring tasks, efficiently, on his behalf. See how the full exercise of my citizen rights as theorised by T H Marshall are so curtailed. Actually, I am coming down with something awful at the moment as well. The esteemed pundits on the BBC, including a US bemoustached bloke called Larry who seems to know what he is talking about seem to be indicating that it might be ok to go to bed and catch up with the news in the morning.

Poor as I am, I quite foresightedly invested in a small portable digital TV some months ago when it was on special offer at a local electrical retail outlet, though I still had to forego some fresh vegetables and soles on my shoes. So, I can go to bed and sleep with one eye open as I have become accustomed to as a carer anyway

1.45am Georgia ...Democrats hoped to win (in some kind of more massive landslide) but maybe going for McCain.



1.00 am Pennsylvania and New Hampshire Obama projected to win.

Pennsylvania ...apparently key win. Can't believe I knew how to spell it without checking. All eyes on Indiana, or not depending on which pundit you listen to.



In 1997 I had the privilege to spend British election night with a visiting Professor from a Uni from across the pond. She was intrigued and excited to share in our election night rituals and punditry.

Wherever she is now, it certainly feels the same as back then.


"I got caught up in it"

- Ricky Gervais on the US elections. Confesses to not being that political but 'got caught up in it'. A sentiment understated as only RG can. Likely speaks for RG's everywhere. Also one of the Hitchen brothers is on doing punditry



First states called. McCain 8 Obama 3 More details here


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

How do they do it!

Good question! I just missed some bloke on the BBC explaining how the networks in America 'call' it. I am a really rubbish blogger. Sorry. Luckily the explanation is here


"This is an important election"

Jeremy Paxman just betrayed some kind of restrained excitement and said this election was to be 'historic' ...he seemed to have some information. He insisted this was not just media hype. Depends I suppose on which of voters the actual massive turnout of voters were the ones recruited by the respective party machines. All the media are saying at this moment is that this is going to be BIG. NB Quote of post title was JFK not JP



Bloody Brilliant Corporation. I am a poor person on account of being a carer. Yet, I am happy to pay my licence fee for the night's telly I have been enjoying. British Style Genius, Jools Holland, Newsnight and of course the thing which has kept me from blogging... the US elections. Very exciting. More4's Jon Stewart's Daily Show has been particularly good for its coverage. Except that's More4 not BBC.