Thursday, 19 February 2009


Am feeling quite the smartypants this morning.

A couple of months back after a lengthy stand-off -18 months to be precise- I was forced for Health & Safety reasons to clean out my elder son's former bedroom after he had left home and left an utter mess ...think Third World dumping ground.

Aside from the 20-odd quid of loose change I found, exchanged for proper money and kept/spent, I also found an ipod nestled among the debris.

He said '"nah, don't wan' it" ...too complicated to use with all that having to do stuff thru iTunes etc. You can have it if you want.'

So after removing a layer of encrustation and buying the necessary cable (original lost) to connect/charge it and downloading and installing the iTunes software I thought I'd have a go at musically getting with the 21st century.

Had a quick squizz at the manual, also downloaded (original lost) and then set about transferring my music files.

Same elder son also got a 15-quid iTunes voucher for Christmas -still unused ...and here comes the smartypants bit... last night I downloaded my first iTune from the iTunes store and synced it onto my new gadget.

Daniel Merriweather feat. Wale - Change

Seemed appropriate somehow.

When he came to visit (my son, not Daniel) I showed him all I had done and he cast a rueful, misty eye at his old ipod.

I clutched it to my body and shouted (not on purpose just had loud music clamped to my ears) "Mipod now!"

Am now seriously considerring downloading an audiobook (any recommendations?) ...never enough time to read books and am working on the theory that if I just play it into my ear while doing other stuff I might osmotically absorb the contents which is a better working hypothesis than expecting to absorb books by the same method from the bookshelf.

Anyway, I'm still here with a will to blog but not enough time (caring responsibilities) and love gadgetry but cannot afford (so good on Labour for this!) to keep up with it all (caring responsibilities) but for now I love my new toy and I'm a happy dancing bunny.

Currently on mi'pod then is a 6 cd set 101 Trance anthems, three Muse albums, a compilation of 80's 12" ...there was supposed to be the soundtrack to the second series of Ashes to Ashes but seem to have lost that somewhere in my library, some random other stuff ...Kraftwerk Popcorn, some 80s dancey stuff and some noughties pop.

Will have to learn to be a bit more selective about what I put on it because it only has 4GB of space!

Next on the list of desired gadgets would be a Blackberry but could never afford one in a million years. Am stuck using the calendar function on my VERY basic mobile phone for now.

One day I hope to be as tech-savvy as John Prescott.


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